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Igniting Australia’s Recovery: Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List

Amidst the challenges posed by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Australia stands strong and united in its determination to recover and soar higher than ever. The beacon of this resurgence lies in unveiling the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) by the visionary Department of Home Affairs.

Imagine Australia’s shores gleaming with the world’s brightest minds and skilful hands. The PMSOL casts a magnetic spell, drawing skilled individuals from around the globe to contribute their expertise in fields crucial to our resurgence. This isn’t just a list; it’s an invitation to be part of Australia’s journey toward prosperity.

About Skilled Occupation List 

The Ministry of Home Affairs of Australia recently launched an occupation list for skilled workers. The list has been divided into three maintain categories which are as follows:

1. STSOL: Short-Term Skilled Occupation List: There are around 215 jobs on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List. These professions are in demand throughout Australia’s territory. Previously known as the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL), this list. 

2. MLTSSL: Medium and Long Term Strategic Skill List: For skilled immigration to Australia, a list of strategic talents has been developed. Do you have no sponsors and are applying? You can immigrate to Australia using Visa Subclass 189 regardless of whether your company or the government is sponsoring you. This program promotes the immigration of qualified workers from different sectors. 

3. ROL: Regional Occupation List: For visa subclasses 407, 489, TSS, and others, this list of abilities is applicable. The programs for regional migration are the focus of this list. To learn more about these programs, you can contact immigration specialists. For these programs, there are different rules. 

· The combined list of professions for general skilled migration is an option.

· You can choose the profession that best fits your profile. 

Top Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List

Here are the top migration skilled occupation lists if you seek the best vacancies in Australia. Browse any of the skilled jobs and apply online. If you are still unsure about eligibility and work visa, contact us. We, as the leading immigration consultant in Chandigarh, provide you with complete guidance to secure the best jobs in Australia. Let’s quickly look at the list of top skilled occupations available in Australia.

· Chief Executive or Managing Director (111111)

· The Priority 17 Occupations are: (ANZSCO code)

· Mechanical Engineer (233512)

· Construction Project Manager (133111)

· General Practitioner (253111)

· Psychiatrist (253411)

· Resident Medical Officer (253112)

· Medical Practitioner nec (253999)

· Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (254412)

· Midwife (254111)

· Registered Nurse (Medical) (254418)

· Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) (254415)

· Registered Nurse (Perioperative) (254423)

· Registered Nurse (Mental Health) (254422)

· Developer Programmer (261312)

· Registered Nurses nec (254499)

· Maintenance Planner (312911)

· Software Engineer (261313)

About Travel Exemptions

As Australia’s borders continue to be closed, all temporary visa holders must secure a travel exemption before planning their journey. If you’re outside Australia and intend to apply for a travel exemption, kindly contact us. Your smooth travel experience is our priority.

What are the Visa Subclasses

For the following subclasses of employer-sponsored visas, petitions for professions on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List will be processed more quickly:

· 482 Visa (TSS) Temporary Skill Shortage

· 186 Visa (ENS) Employer Nomination Scheme

· 494 Visa (Provisional) Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional 

· 187 Visa (RSMS) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

Could Not Find Your Occupation In the List?

Not to worry. The department is currently processing all vocations. Additionally, regional submissions appear to be given precedence. In the past few months, we have granted 187 applications for Transitional Visas. Contact us immediately if you’re prepared to proceed with your upcoming visa application. Career Overseas is the best visa consultancy in Chandigarh. We won’t speak only. Our skilled writers provide the best guidance to achieve your dream goals. Over the years, we have served over 20K of satisfied customers and over 100+ active cases. Contact us to get the best guidance.

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Unrevealing Secrets of Canadian Job Landscape for Newcomers

Newcomers, are you excited to establish yourself in Canada with a high-paying job? You may embark on lots of opportunities to grab meaningful employment. But lack of experience, skills, and education can create the biggest challenge for newcomers to get the desired jobs. Likewise, there are numerous barriers that you need to understand before applying for a high-scale job in Canada. In this blog, we highlight some common challenges and their solution to improving your odds of having a highly rewarding job in Canada. Let’s take a deep dive.

Common Challenges Faced By Newcomers and Solution

New immigrants, especially students, encounter these common challenges when attempting good employment matching their skills and qualifications.

Unrecognizing Foreign Credentials : Most newcomers to Canada need help understanding the experience and vital credentials needed to get a good job. Mismatching the skills to gain a job can lead to failure. That is why at Career Overseas, an immigration consultant in Chandigarh, we make sure each candidate will get complete information about foreign candidates before they apply for a work permit or study. This helps them to get a secure job.

Communication and Language Challenges : Lack of language and communication skills often create trouble when having a skilled job in Canada. If you don’t have impactful communication skills, this may impact your job search. Hence, before you apply for a job in Canada, be sure to have good communication skills or earn an English proficiency certificate.

Over Qualification Preconception : Most newcomers in Canada also face rejection due to overqualification for a particular job role. To deal with such problems, look for jobs that match your qualifications and skills.

No Integration Support : Employers often may not provide essential integrated support for newcomers to indulge in the workplace. This may create hindrances in finding the best job opportunities.

Subjective Canadian Experience Requirements

Some newcomers seeking employment have to meet the Canadian experience requirement. This may enable discrimination.

Direct Discrimination : Some possible examples of direct discrimination are ethnicity, race, and other grounds. Direct discrimination also invites challenges for newcomers to get good jobs.

Legal Guidelines about Canadian Work Experience

A Canadian employer is not permitted to inquire about a candidate’s age, marital status, sexual orientation, race, color, or religion, to mention a few, by the Canadian Human Rights Act. As a result, the requirement of Canadian work experience as a requirement for employment may be viewed as discriminatory based on factors including race, ancestry, place of origin, and ethnic origin.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is the only organization that has made an effort to address “Canadian experience” issues. Their “Removing the ‘Canadian Experience’ Barrier – A Guide for Employers and Regulatory Bodies” guideline gives pointers on ensuring that employment criteria are fair and acceptable.

General Questions by Employers in Canada

An employer is allowed to inquire about an applicant’s credentials. For example, if a position demands a driver’s license, an employer may inquire as to whether the applicant possesses one. The potential employer may also inquire about the applicant’s criminal history. On the other hand, an employer is not allowed to directly inquire about previous employment in Canada.

Canada has built a strong legal framework to protect employees’ rights, especially foreign nationals. A thorough awareness of hiring managers’ questions and human rights issues is necessary for navigating the Canadian employment market as a new immigrant.

While the absence of Canadian job experience continues to be a barrier, people should be conscious of their legal rights and the restrictions on asking about experience.

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Australia February 2024 Intake | Complete Guide for Student Visa Success

After the entire buzz about the ban on Indian students by Australian universities, here’s good news for students. Some of Australia’s top colleges and universities welcome students for the February intake. So, if you’re planning to study in Australia, be ready to apply for the February intake. In this blog, we’ll discuss about benefits, deadlines, processes, and other vital details that improve your visa success chances. Let’s dive in.

About February Intake 

February intake in Australia is also known as Semester 1st intake. Many universities are accepting applications till December for February intake. Students who want to process their visas can submit their applications now.

Benefits of Taking Admission in February Intake in Australia


February intake is one of the most crucial intakes for students studying in Australia. Students get the opportunity to get admission to different courses in various disciplines. Overseas students can get the following benefits which are as follows:

● You get scholarships and financial aid for the February intake.

● You get direct admission in the first semester

● Students get a wide range of courses to choose from.

Last Date to Apply for February Intake 

The last date to apply for the February intake is December 2023. If you are planning to study in Australia, start early today to apply in advance. Make sure to follow all timelines and start processing in September. Consult with Career Overseas, the biggest immigration consultant in Chandigarh, for your processing. We help you with visa processing.

The process to Apply for Australian University for February Intake 2024 

The admission process isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Before you apply for the February intake, ensure all your documents are ready. Here is the complete process students have to follow:

● Prepare Your Document 

The students must present all required documentation, including transcripts and test results for English competence. The student must graduate from their high school education (12th class) before enrolling for a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, they must finish their bachelor’s degree if they intend to apply for master’s degree programs.

● Select Preferred University 

For a seamless procedure, the students must apply to their top university by September 1st. You must include all required documentation with your application. The institution takes two to three weeks to review applications from overseas applicants.

● Complete Conditions of Offer Letter 

After receiving an offer letter, students often have to fulfill two prerequisites, namely GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) and outstanding paperwork. A Statement of Purpose and documentation demonstrating financial resources are included in the GTE evaluation.

The students must present a 6-month-old bank balance sufficient to cover their tuition, OHSC (international health insurance), and a 1-year’s worth of living expenditures in Australia (21041 AUD). Students have approximately one month to complete the requirements.

● Confirmation of Enrolment 

After issuing a GTE, students must make arrangements for Overseas Healthcare Insurance (OHSC) and submit the first sum to the institution. The students will get their eCOE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment) within 3 to 4 days of the institution receiving the initial deposit.

● Application for Visa 

Students may now begin their visa application immediately as they get their COE. Australian visa applications are processed online. Students must provide all required documentation with their visa application, including evidence of enrollment (electronic COE), OSHC, Financial Statement, Colour Passport Xerox with Notary Attestation, Visa SOP, evidence of English Proficiency Test, and Educational Documents. Australia’s 650 AUD application cost for student visas will rise to 715 AUD on July 1st.

● Complete Visa Formalities

The HAP (Health Assessment Portal) ID will be created when your visa application is submitted. Students must present their HAP IDs for health examinations at the hospital specified by Australian immigration. The medical examination results will be transmitted straight to the Australian government. The embassy will review the student’s profile before making judgments. About 45 days pass throughout this procedure.

Documents Needed to Apply For Australian University 

Before you proceed with application processing, keep all the below-listed documents ready.

● Passport copies

● Previous academic transcripts record (bachelor’s and 12th)

● Higher secondary education certificate copies

● Scorecard of English proficiency tests accepted by universities such as TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and so on)

● GMAT and GRE score (If needed)

● SOP (Statement of Purpose)

● Proof of financial resources

● Letter of Recommendation

● Work Experience Certificate

● Updated work experience (If any) 

Top Universities for February Intake in Australian University 

Since February Intake constitutes one of the largest intakes in Australia, all Australian institutions welcome international students during this intake. For the February 2024 intake, some of the greatest Australian universities are:

● University of Melbourne

● The University of Western Australia

● University of Queensland

● Australian National University

● Monash University

● University of New South Wales

● University of Sydney

● University of Technology Sydney

● University of Adelaide

● University of Canberra

● Queensland University of Technology

● Macquarie University

● Griffith University

● University of Wollongong

● La Trobe University

● Western Sydney University

● Curtin University

● Flinders University

● Australian Catholic University

● Deakin University

Need Help with February Intake? Contact Us!

Career Overseas is the biggest immigration consultant in Chandigarh who has been standing at the front step to help students meet their goals. We know many universities have banned Indian students. But the good news is many universities are still accepting student applications for the February intake. We are here to assist you with visa processing so everything goes smoothly. If you are interested in studying at top Australian universities, please contact us for a free consultation. 

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MS in Computer Science: Unlock Dream of Study in the USA

The United States of America is the first choice for international students to pursue engineering and computer science courses. Thousands of students search for opportunities to get admission to tech-based courses to build a successful career in the USA every year. This time the United States’ top-ranking universities bring golden opportunities for students to sharpen their skills and gain advanced knowledge of diverse engineering fields.

The USA boasts around fifty popular states and more than 43,000 universities and institutes. If you want an MS degree in computer science or any other field, the USA is the perfect destination to upscale your academic journey. Read below to know more information.

Top Universities to Study MS in Computer Science in the USA

Before we delve deep into the application process, know what universities offer admission in MS Computer Science. Let’s have a look.

● Lawrence Tech University

● University of Massachusetts

● University of Bridgeport

● Montana State University

● Duke University

● Long Island University

● Northeastern University

● Morehead State University

● Sacred Heart University

These are some top listed universities where students can apply for MS Computer Science. However, hundreds of universities and institutes are available where we have tie-ups. Career Overseas, the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh, can guide you in getting admission to your dream course. For more information regarding the universities list, approach us today.

Check Your Eligibility for MS in Computer Science in the United States

You must meet the following requirements before applying for MS in Computer Science in the USA.

● English Proficiency Test : Students applying for study visas must pass the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), IELTS/TOEFL. The examination is compulsory for non-native speakers.

● Academic Background :  Universities must ask for records of undergraduate degrees in computer science and other related engineering fields. Students must possess a strong academic background to secure their admission.

● Letters of Recommendation :  Students must submit at least two to three letters of recommendation from professionals and professors who can attest to the student’s academics and capabilities of pursuing study abroad.

● Transcripts :  Students have to provide official transcripts from their previous universities or educational institutes.

● Statement of Purpose : Students have to provide a well-defined statement of purpose outlining research interests, applicant goals, and reasons for studying an MS in Computer Science are mandatory for the students.

● Additional Requirements : Some universities in the United States must possess additional requirements such as interviews and coding tests.

Available Scholarships for International Students in the USA

Several scholarships are available to help Indian students who wish to study for an MS in Computer Science in the United States. The fact that these scholarships are only given to qualified applicants who satisfy certain requirements highlights how crucial it is to confirm eligibility before applying. Several illustrious awards in this field include:

● Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships

● The Global Study Awards

● Generation Google Scholarship

● Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship 

● AAUW International Fellowships

● Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

In addition to the above-listed scholarships, many universities also provide university-specific scholarships. We can help find the right scholarships for the students so they can get admission easily. Contact us to learn more about scholarship programs. Career Overseas is the leading immigration consultant in Chandigarh to help you find the right pathway to fulfill your dream of studying in the USA.

Different Career Opportunities after MS in Computer Science in the USA

It is no wonder that the MS in Computer Science is the most popular choice among students in the USA. The technology industry is a field that appeals to potential employees, recognized for its quick expansion and wide range of work opportunities. Some of the best opportunities students can have to build a successful career after doing an MS in Computer Science in the USA are:

● Industrial Opportunities : Jobs in software development, statistical analysis, cyber security, computational intelligence, and other fields are all readily available in the USA. Numerous tech corporations and start-ups are based in major tech centers like Seattle, Silicon Valley, and New York City, offering many job opportunities.

● H-1B Visa : In the USA, firms can engage foreign employees in specialized vocations thanks to the H-1B visa. With an MS in computer science, many graduates can find work thanks to this visa category. 

● Optional Practical Training :OPT, a program that allows international students earning the MS in the US to work there for twelve months after graduation ceremonies, is available to international students. This improves career opportunities and gives vital practical experience.

Top Designations on Which Students Are Appointed After MS in Computer Science 

Some of the top destinations where students are appointed after the completion of MS in Computer Science are:

Top Designations for Students

Average Salary Per Annum

Network Engineer


Android Developer


Information Security Manager


Computer Network Architect


AI (Artificial Intelligence) Expert


Blockchain Developer


C++ Developer


ERP Project Manager


Lead Developer



Expected Salary Students Receive After Completion of MS in Computer Science 

In the United States, salaries for computer science experts are often competitive and lucrative. The real pay is determined by the job role, the workplace, the business, and the worker’s qualifications and experience. Fresh MS graduates may typically anticipate a starting salary of between $80,000 and $120,000 annually. 

Studying in the United States guarantees a good professional path, supported by market demand and anticipated expansion. Pursuing this degree in the USA provides amazing employment options if you are interested in computers. Our staff of highly experienced study visa consultants in Chandigarh is available for a smooth and productive study visa journey. Call or email us for the best advice from our expert educational consultants.

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What Jobs Have Higher Chances of Approval: Navigation LMIA 2023

Because no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is prepared, willing, or qualified to fill a particular post in Canada, the business can engage a foreign worker according to Canada’s LMIA procedure. Employers must screen individuals claiming to be Canadian citizens or long-term residents and promote the position for at least four weeks to receive an LMIA.

The company may be permitted to recruit a foreign worker only after showing that the applicants did not meet the job description requirements. Before starting employment in Canada, the worker must apply for a work permit the LMIA endorses.

Applications for LMIAs are comprehensive and need plenty of paperwork and analytical tabulation. Employers must explain in writing why any Canadian who was rejected for a position was unqualified for it. Work permit categories that are LMIA-exempt fall within the International Mobility Programme; not all work permit kinds do. Keeping all concerns in mind, we provide you with top jobs with higher chances of approval.

What is LMIA?

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) issues a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to assess the effects of hiring someone from another country in Canada. An LMIA’s good outcome means that no Canadian resident or permanent resident of Canada is qualified to fill a specific employment post, allowing a company to engage a foreign worker. A negative LMIA, on the other hand, indicates that a Canadian citizen or permanent resident should occupy the post.

A foreign national cannot immediately apply for an LMIA. Instead, Canadian employers are required to look for this paperwork. Although certain foreign employees may be excluded from needing a work visa or an LMIA, each Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Programme (TFWP) category requires employers to get an LMIA before recruiting foreign nationals. Additionally, to earn points to qualify for a job offer in Canada, several paths to staying permanently in Canada need candidates to show they have a good LMIA.

How Can Individuals Apply for LMIA?

Employers have up to six months before the expected start date of the post to submit an LMIA application. Depending on the potential employee’s salary level, different procedures must be followed when applying for an LMIA.

When deciding whether a position falls into the high-wage or low-wage category, employers must consider the median hourly pay in their particular province or territory since low-wage employment has extra requirements to meet. There are also specialized streams available for companies looking for LMIAs for certain job sectors.

Top Occupations That Are Easy to Grab in Canada

These professions frequently experience a scarcity of competent Canadian employees and are in great demand. This group frequently includes industries like medical care, technology-related field of engineering, skilled crafts, and entertainment.

Employers are more likely to receive a favorable LMIA if they concentrate on these vocations since the evaluation considers the availability of Canadian citizens and permanent inhabitants to fill the roles. To increase the probability of successfully acquiring an LMIA for these in-demand professions, employers and foreign employees must keep up with the most recent labor market trends and criteria.


● Carpenter

● Drywall installer

● Construction Electrician

● Bricklayer

● Tile setter

● Cement Finisher 

● Furniture Finisher

● Other trades

● Truck Drivers

● Maintenance / Facility Manager

● (All areas of trades, TEER 72 and 73) 


● Restaurant Manager

● Cooks – Food Specialties

● Food Service Supervisor 

● Meat Butcher

● Chefs 


● Community Support Work

● Personal Support Worker

● Health Care Aids

● Dental Assistant 

● Social/Community worker 


● IT Managers

● Software Developers

● Software Engineer

● System Analyst

● Business System Analyst

● Data Administrator

● Network Analyst

● Graphic Designer

● Web Designers

● UX / UI

● Front-end Developers

● Full Stack Developers

● Back-end Developers

● Producers

● Art Managers 

5. BUSINESS (LMIA with the option to work remotely first)

● Technical Sales 

● Business Consultant

● HR Specialist

● Bookkeeper 

● Financial Manager

● Marketing Specialist

What Are the Key Requirements of LMIA Application?

LMIA applications must be mailed to the proper Service Canada Processing Centre in hard copy form. Specific requirements for these kinds of applications comprise the following:

● Processing Fee: 

A $1000 CAD non-refundable processing fee is required for all LMIA applications. The cost will not be reimbursed, even if the result is bad. However, certain candidates in the in-home career category might not have to pay this cost.

● Business Legitimacy Documents:

Employers are required to present proof of their legal existence as a Canadian company.

● Transition Plan: 

Employers must submit a plan explaining their future employment strategy for Canadian citizens or permanent residents instead of temporary foreign workers (TFWs). The objective is to give recruiting Canadians for the post top priority.

● Recruitment Efforts:

Before contemplating employing a TFW, employers must demonstrate that they made significant attempts to find Canadian or permanent residents for the post.

● Wages:

Applications for LMIA should be specific on the pay rates for TFWs. This separation is crucial to differentiate between high-wage and low-wage occupations and guarantee that TFWs are paid fairly compared to Canadian employees in comparable responsibilities.

● Workplace Safety: 

The same occupational health and safety requirements apply to TFWs as to their Canadian counterparts. Employers must show proof of TFW insurance protection similar to the health coverage offered in the jurisdiction or territory wherever the firm is situated to comply with this requirement.

Bottom Line

By fulfilling these requirements, companies can increase their chances of receiving a favorable LMIA, allowing them to employ temporary foreign employees to satisfy their unique labor needs while maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and protections.

Employers will get a decision following the processing of an LMIA application. The employer is permitted to hire a foreign national for the defined post if the judgment is a favorable LMIA. The employer, however, is not permitted to employ a foreign person for that specific position if a negative LMIA is given.

For more updates, let’s connect with us. Career Overseas is here to guide you and help you get the right information about top job opportunities in Canada. Book your free consultation today.

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Healthcare Visa- Complete Guide to Get Visa

With an ongoing shortage of healthcare staff in the United Kingdom, the UK NHS welcomes healthcare professionals from across the globe to work in the UK NHS healthcare social sector. Applicants can reap benefits such as fast-tracked entry, fewer visa fees, and no immigration health surcharge. Recently, the UK government also announced increasing funding to help healthcare sectors hire employees from overseas under the healthcare worker route.

If you want a healthcare visa, we share the complete guide here. We’ll provide details about eligibility criteria, documents needed, the application process, etc. Let’s take a quick look.

What is a Healthcare Visa?

The Health and Care visa allows qualified foreign employees with specialized skills to enter the UK and work for authorized firms in certain positions. Specific medical providers, including physicians, registered nurses, chemists, and careers for adults, are eligible for the visa.

By providing an inviting pathway for overseas citizens to come to the UK for employment and be joined by immediate family members, with the opportunity to reside in the UK permanently, the visa is aimed to address the skills problem within the UK healthcare industry. A successful UK NHS visa holder gets an opportunity to work in the UK’s NHS best healthcare faculty for five years. Moreover, applicants can also extend their visas once the period is over. 

After five years, those on Health and Care visas are eligible for UK perpetual authorization to stay. With ILR status, workers may switch companies and jobs without needing to apply for extra visas since they’re no longer liable for UK immigration laws and are not constrained by visa sponsorship regulations.

 Who is Eligible for a UK Healthcare Visa?

Candidates with nursing degrees, qualified doctors and healthcare professionals can apply for a healthcare visa. Registered nurses in healthcare sectors can also apply for a UK NHS visa

The healthcare visa is open for candidates applying under the skilled worker route and wanting to do a job in the healthcare sector. A licensed sponsor must have provided work to the petitioner for them to be eligible for the visa, in addition to the position being within one of the aforementioned SOC categories. Additionally, the organization that sponsors it must belong to one of the groups delivering social care for adults, an NHS organization or trust, an integrator of medical facilities to the NHS, or any other health and social care providers named in the official advice. The following industrial associations’ employees, participants, or members may fall under this category:

  • Nursing and Midwifery Council

  • General Osteopathic Council

  • General Chiropractic Council

  • General Medical Council

  • General Dental Council

  • General Optical Council

  • Health and Care Professions Council

  • General Pharmaceutical Council

  • Northern Ireland Social Care Council

  • Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland

  • Social Care Wales

 As additional verification of your suitability for a Health and Care Worker visa, you must describe the contractual agreements with the NHS if the UK sponsors are outside organizations that deliver medical care on the NHS’s behalf. Documentary support may also be required.

 What Are the Requirements of Healthcare Visa Requirements?

Applicants who want to apply for a UK NHS visa must meet the following requirements to get their visa under the skilled worker visa route.

  • Applicants must have a valid COS letter (certificate of sponsorship) from a UK-licensed sponsor. 

  • Individuals must have an offer from the UK NHS for jobs that meet the appropriate salary threshold.

  • Candidates must have English proficiency or good score in IELTS and other tests.

  • Candidates must provide proof of personal savings sufficient to support daily expenses on arrival in the United Kingdom.

  • Individuals have to provide a travel history of around 5 years,

  • Candidates must have a valid tuberculosis test report if they come under the listed countries.

  • Individuals must also provide a clean criminal record from the country where they have lived for the past 10 years. If you’re living in another country for work, provide proof of a clean criminal record.

Your future company will be accountable for telling you you are qualified for the Health and Care Worker visa as a potential employee. You can appropriately fill out the visa paperwork if you do this. Additionally, your employer must include a brief justification in the note section of the CoS outlining how you will fulfill the suitable visa role criteria in your new position. 

What is the Minimum Salary of a UK NHS Visa Holder?

Before you proceed with the job, you must fulfill the salary criterion to be eligible. This implies that whichever is greater, you must be paid no less than the minimum pay level or the acceptable “going rate” for the position you have been given. The Home Office assigns a going rate to each qualifying position.

You must typically make a minimum of £10.75 per hour, or $26,200 per year. You must be paid no less than the current rate if the hourly wage for your function is higher than any of these. You wouldn’t satisfy the salary criterion, for instance, if the wage for the position was £25,000 annually but the average salary was £26,800.

In rare circumstances, even if your salary is below the minimum requirement, you could still be allowed to apply for a Health and Care visa. If you make at least £20,480 per year and meet one of the following requirements, you may be paid between 70% and 90% of the market rate for your employment.

  • You must have a job offer in this shortage occupation.

  • You must be under twenty-six and studying or taking professional training.

  • You must have a technology, science, mathematics or engineering PhD relevant to your chosen occupation.

  • Your role must be a scientific position or postdoctoral.

English Language Proficiency Requirement

Unless you are exempt, such as those who are a citizen of a nation with a large proportion of English-speaking people, you must demonstrate your proficiency in English by passing an approved English language test alongside a CEFR level of at least B1 in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, or by possessing a formal education that was instructed in English and is accepted by UK NARIC as being comparable to a UK undergraduate degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D.

If you’re attempting to become a physician, dentist, nurse, or midwife, you can use the evaluation of your employment body as evidence of your language proficiency.

How to Apply For a UK NHS Visa?

 You must first have a CoS allocated to you by the UK sponsor in order to submit an application for a Health and Care visa. You use this reference number to submit an online application on the Home Office website.

After completing the required information, the application procedure moves on to pay the necessary fee. Additional documentation will also need to be submitted with your application.

The Home Office will review the information and supporting documentation after receiving your application, and you could have the choice of:

  • You will be given instructions on registering biometrics through an ID app.

  •  If it is not feasible to reuse any of the biometrics provided with a prior application.

 Basic Documents Needed to Apply for UK NHS Visa

You need to cover a lot of information and documents to support UK NHS Via. You need to keep some basic documents in hand while applying for a visa.

  • A valid passport and travel history document.

  • Certificate of Sponsorship and reference number from the employer. 

  • Name of the employer along with sponsor license reference number.

  • Occupation details such as SOC code, job title and salary details.

The rest of the documents are the same as mentioned in the requirement.

What is the Processing Time for a UK NHS Visa?

Upon receiving, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will prioritize and expedite your petition for the Healthcare Worker visa.

Because of this, the overwhelming majority of healthcare professionals applying through this route may often anticipate a response to their application three weeks after submitting their biometric data. This is far speedier than the prevailing processing period for skilled worker visas, which may range from 8 to 20 weeks. It is advised to seek advice on current handling timelines while making your application because UKVI processing is still prone to delays due to the epidemic and the prioritizing of Ukrainian scheme applicants.

 A specialist NHS support & immigration processing expert is also available to assist, allowing visa applicants and sponsors to contact the expert staff at UKVI if they have any problems with the application procedure or their eligibility for the Health and Care visa.


Have More Queries About UK NHS Visa? 

Career Overseas is here as the leading immigration consultant in Chandigarh. Our professional team of counselors guides you regarding UK NHS visas. Let’s connect with us for a free consultant today!

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Why is Biometrics Important for Students?

If you are looking to study in foreign universities, there are higher possibilities you’ve heard about biometrics. But there are lots of students who might not be aware of what purpose biometrics are used for. Why don’t students get visas until they have done their biometrics? Let’s read below to get all your answers here. In this blog, we’ll explain biometrics and why it is crucial for students. Let’s dive in.

About Biometrics

Biometrics is an important physical characteristic that is used for the identification of individuals. A person’s biometrics generally include facial recognition, fingerprints, retinal scans, iris scans and, in some cases, voice recognition. This is one of the crucial technologies that have been widely used in the education field. In recent years, biometrics has become the most crucial component for international students. But many students face challenges when it comes to proving their identity.

How is Biometrics Helpful for Students?

Language obstacles, cultural variations, and lack of ability to obtain government-issued identification credentials are just a few difficulties international students have while attempting to establish their identity. These difficulties can be lessened by using biometrics, such as fingerprint or face recognition, to securely and reliably confirm a student’s identification.

The ability to rapidly and correctly validate an individual’s identification is one of the biometrics’ greatest advantages for overseas students. This can facilitate several procedures, including applying for financial aid, using campus resources, and enrolling in classes. With the use of biometric technology, students may quickly have their identification verified, saving time and lowering the possibility of mistakes and fraud.

The fact that biometrics offers a private and secure method of keeping personal data is another advantage for overseas students. Students, who lack traditional means of identification, such as passports and driver’s licenses, face identity theft. Contrarily, biometrics is a safe way to store personal information since biometric data cannot be misplaced, stolen, or easily copied.

What is the Process Involved in Biometrics Submission?

The submission of biometrics is a rather simple process. An invitation to provide biometric data will be sent to overseas students after they have filed for their visa or permission. An explanation of where to go to get their biometrics scanned and what papers to carry are included in this invitation.

Designated support for application centers, which may be maintained by the federal government or by a private service provider, is often where biometrics are collected. The pupils’ fingerprints, pictures, and maybe an iris scan or additional biometric information will be obtained at the center.

Students will get a receipt when their biometric data has been obtained, verifying that they have finished this round of the application process. It’s vital to store this receipt safely since you might need it to finish the remaining portions of the application.

Where Can Students Submit Their Biometrics?

Typically, biometric data may be provided at certified application support centers dispersed throughout different locations worldwide. Students from other countries can go to their immigration registration portal or the federal government’s site to learn where they can provide their biometric data.

In rare circumstances, submitting biometric information at a visa application center outside the nation where the student will be enrolled may be possible. Students who are unlikely to travel to the specified center owing to distance or other reasons may find this useful.

In summary, biometrics is a crucial technology for international students and has several advantages, such as increased security, accuracy, and productivity. It’s conceivable that there will be additional applications for biometrics as technology develops and their use spreads, especially as they help overseas students.

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Why Should You Choose Immigration Consultants for Visa Process

People occasionally encounter issues while getting approved for a visa to reside and work abroad. A visa cannot be obtained through an internet search. It’s a difficult task. Therefore, it is up to immigration experts to transform a visa application into a productive visa for both living and working.

Visa consultants are vital experts who support us in realizing our ambitions. They assist you in selecting the program, address any application-related issues, walk you through the document verification process, effectively give follow-ups, and successfully obtain your visa.

How do Immigration Consultants Work or Help?

Many individuals turn to a professional consultant for assistance to escape the anxiety of a simple process. The entire procedure is assisted by and guided by a consultant. They ensure you share the appropriate papers and complete the form’s details.

1. A consultant initially assists a person in paying careful consideration to detail because even the smallest mistake can cause a visa application to be rejected, cause delays and, in some cases, result in the loss of application expenses. Taking the risk is not advised because obtaining a visa is costly. Immigration specialists are helpful in these circumstances since they may direct a person toward obtaining a valid visa.

2. Experts play a significant role, and government organizations charge for making insignificant errors. Consultants offer advice on choosing the appropriate Visa or subcategory. Any error will add time and cause a delay of several months. An immigration expert can simplify the procedure and has numerous years of experience. 

3. Interacting with a government representative is challenging if your English is weak. Immigration advisors assist in the process by amending the Visa application as necessary. A consultant maintains you informed and helps you make further adjustments as needed to ensure the success of your application.

4. Many internet resources provide pertinent details on the immigration procedure, such as government portals and immigration forums. However, sometimes people hesitate to raise personal inquiries regarding immigration on open forums where immigration experts are prominent because they feel awkward doing so. All questions you may have about your family, job, criminal history, or health are answered by them. They retain the knowledge for themselves.

5. In the event that a visa application is denied, a consultant aids in the appeals procedure. The specialist sees to it that the procedure is carried out meticulously. Unquestionably, an immigration counselor relieves a person’s mind of all anxiety during the complete Visa application procedure. They safeguard confidential information, provide clients with ongoing assistance, and save money and time.

Solid Reasons to Hire an Immigration Consultant

Immigration consultants will collaborate with you to find a solution because they are well-versed in all potential application-related snags. When preparing to relocate overseas, choosing the finest immigration advisors is crucial for several reasons.

1. Select The Best Program : The first stage is deciding on the type of immigration program you want to pursue. You may qualify for more than two programs. A consultant can assist you in choosing the best course of action in these circumstances.

A specialist with thorough knowledge of all the benefits and drawbacks of the program will be able to assess your circumstances and select the most advantageous and practical program for you.

2. Permits and Regulations : The application procedure for immigration can be drawn out, complex, and time-consuming, depending on the program. Before moving abroad, you must fulfill several requirements, adhere to laws, and get the necessary authorizations. A consultant can explain the regulations to you and assist you in adhering to them.

3. Expertise : Throughout the procedure, the skills and actions of the visa consultant are highlighted. You will receive writing assistance from a consultant for your curriculum vitae and cover letter. The advisor will also assist you with completing the form, submitting any required documentation for verification, and getting ready for the interview. With years of expertise and experience, a reputable visa consultant will increase your chances of having your visa accepted.

4. Resolve and Avoid Issues : Consultants have in-depth knowledge of the application process. They can assist you in getting through any obstacles. A qualified counselor will make sure you complete the application procedure appropriately. Occasionally, applicants must complete a brand-new application form. The additional stages cause a delay and raise the cost. When completing the form, utmost caution must be taken. The assistance of a professional can be very helpful.

5. Legal Knowledge : Every counselor has a thorough understanding of immigration rules and regulations. The newest alterations and changes to the immigration visa application procedure are always being monitored by consultants, who keep you updated. In cases like these, the majority of individuals seek explanations and make mistakes; in these instances, a consultant’s advice can assist the candidates in navigating challenging circumstances.

6. Ethical Code of Conducts : The ethical code of conduct is strictly adhered to by every consultant. It is a must because you will be providing them with all of your personal information so they can assist you with your application. Immigration specialists know that you provide extensive details about your health, work, relationships with family, and legal history. The consultant has committed to maintaining trust and security while maintaining the confidentiality of your information.

Bottom Line

A consultant is a specialist who accepts your visa as quickly as possible. The expert will assist you in completing each step accurately and promptly. Visa consultants are highly qualified professionals who are also familiar with the standards of conduct and application process experts. They ensure that your documents are handled discreetly and simple to verify.

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UK Going to Block Dependents Visa from Accompanying International Students From 2024

 Quick Highlights

● As of January 2023, the UK government will ban international students from bringing their spouse or other dependents with them unless they are studying in a postgraduate course with a research project.

● The decision has been taken to help curb net migration.

● But the graduation route remains unaffected by updated immigration restrictions. Under this route, Eligible students can remain in the UK for 2-3 extended years.

● Students cannot switch to another skilled worker route unless they complete their studies.

● Strategies have been implemented to stop “unscrupulous” agents from migrating students.

● UK government says it remains committed to the UK’s International Education


● The target of 600,000 international students will be met for two consecutive years. 

In the UK, immigration is at a record high, and the current administration intends to reduce net migration by tightening the profile of immigrants who enter the nation. Net migration topped 500,000 between June 2021 and June 2022, surpassing the number recorded in 2019, and additional data that will be revealed this week is anticipated to indicate that the 2022 figure has increased by at least 200,000. 

The number of persons who relocate to the UK for at least a year divided by the number who depart over the same period is known as net migration. There are consequences for overseas students, notably in the shape of an updated regulation concerning student dependents that the Home Office and the Department of Education jointly issued.

International students won’t be allowed to accompany their loved ones to the UK from January 2024 unless enrolled in a postgraduate research degree (such as a research-based Ph.D. or master’s program). International students would not be allowed to bring dependents to postgraduate programs not categorized as research-oriented.

The Home Office reports that “almost 500,000 student visas were issued in 2022 while the total number of dependents of international learners has grown by 75% since 2019 to 136,000 people.” Children under 18, partners, and civil partners are considered dependents, as are elderly parents who require long-term care.

Blocking of Dependants May Have Tangible Effect 

The new policy is referred to by the government as the “single biggest restricting action an administration has ever done,” and according to Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who is a relative hardliner on the necessity of lower migration to the UK, “We expect this set of measures to have a demonstrable impact on net migration.” According to her, the new regulation is “the fair approach to do that enables us to safeguard our government facilities while supporting economic growth through enabling the students who provide the greatest to keep coming here,” she adds. 

Additionally, Ms. Braverman notes that overseas students permitted to bring dependents will still have a greater burden of evidence to demonstrate their ability to “look after themselves and their dependents.”

Gillian Keegan, the secretary of education, says:

“Students are now bringing more family members to the UK than ever. It is appropriate that we are acting to lower this figure while upholding our adherence to our international education strategy, which serves to bolster the UK’s educational landscape and significantly boost the national economy”.

Students Have To Stay in Study Program Until Completed 

International students will never again be permitted to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa before finishing their education. The law is designed to deter international students from selecting the UK primarily for employment opportunities rather than academic pursuits. The Economic Times of India said last year that 

“Since it provides a less expensive and quicker track to full-time work in the UK, more and more overseas students are choosing [the Skilled Worker option]. On the other side, before accessing the labor market, students who choose the Graduate Route must pay exorbitant course fees and expenses for the entire program length.

The government is preventing non-real students who are motivated to find employment in the UK from using the Skilled Worker Route as a backdoor.

Will The Policy Change? 

It’s unclear how much freedom Ms. Braverman will provide as to which students may bring dependents:

“Over the upcoming year, we plan to collaborate with institutions to develop a different strategy to guarantee that the smartest and most talented learners may enroll their dependents at our top-ranked colleges while continuing to lower net migration. This system will be implemented as soon as feasible following extensive engagement with the industry and important stakeholders.

The graduation Route Still remains Unaffected. 

Last year, there was worry in the foreign education community that the Home Office might shorten the Graduate Route’s two-year maximum stay in the UK to only six months. The Graduate Route will still allow overseas students to remain in the country for two years (three years for doctoral/Ph.D. candidates), notwithstanding the anticipated drop.

Bottom Line 

While most students won’t be impacted by plans restricting the ability to bring dependents with them, more details about the covered programs must be known before an impact assessment can be done properly. However, we know that any adjustments would affect women and students from particular nations disproportionately. In short, if you want to study overseas and bring your spouse to the UK, apply before the strategy is implemented.

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Most Easiest Provinces to Get Permanent Residency in Canada

Wondering how to get permanent residency in Canada? Career Overseas provides you with the easiest provinces that help to get your PR. There are countless province nominee programs with different eligibility criteria. The PNPs programs are specially designed for immigrants to fill the gap between labor forces in Canada. So, candidates with the necessary skills are in high demand in Canada.

This is the easiest way to get permanent residency in Canada. However, candidates need work experience and connections with the provinces, such as companies, jobs, and educational credentials, to apply for PNP. If you’ve got the necessary skills, apply for any of these provinces.

1. Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker (Express Entry and Occupation in Demand)

Saskatchewan is one of the famous destinations for individuals who want permanent residency in Canada. This is located in the prairie region and has ample job opportunities for overseas candidates. The express entry stream and occupation in demand stream of Saskatchewan’s international skilled worker PNP has been designed for workers with experience in in-demand occupations.

Candidates must have at least one year of work expertise in a field not on the SHIP’s Excluded Occupations List to be eligible for an EOI. English or French language proficiency is required, as well as completing at least twelve months of post-secondary education.

Any applicant who satisfies Saskatchewan’s minimum eligibility requirements, including earning at least 60 points according to the Points Assessment Grid, can submit an EOI profile. Then, submitted profiles are considered in an EOI draw run by SINP. In SINP EOI drawings, only applicants with the most competitive SINP scores and in-demand professions are invited.

Candidates who qualify for Express Entry can apply to the Saskatchewan Express Entry stream to have their application for permanent residency processed more quickly. However, people who cannot submit an Express Entry profile can still apply through the Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand stream.

2. Alberta’s Express Entry Stream

Alberta province has some thriving cities, such as Edmonton and Calgary. This is Canada’s western province with great job opportunities and an education system. From the federal Express Entry pool, candidates are chosen by the Alberta Express Entry stream to submit applications for provincial nomination. The fact that this stream accepts Express Entry candidates with CRS scores as low as 300 means that more applicants will have an opportunity to hear from the province and get a Notification of Interest.

It is important to note that receiving an invitation from Alberta’s Express Entry stream does not require a CRS score of 300 or above. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Programme does not disclose the extra targeted criteria; however, it does disclose the CRS score of the lowest-ranking applicant from each round of invites. The upcoming elements could improve a candidate’s chances:

● Alberta’s Express Entry stream uses the federal Express Entry system.

● To qualify, a relative must be a permanent resident or citizen living in Alberta.

● Have a job offer or professional experience there, and have finished their postsecondary education.

Thus, obtaining a provincial nomination will raise a candidate’s CRS score by 600 points, ensuring they will be offered a PR Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the upcoming Express Entry draw.

3. Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream

Ontario is the most popular immigration destination in Canada, and many newcomers are lured to the vibrant metropolis of Toronto and its expanding tech employment market. As a result, the province must assist many immigrants through PNP routes.

Ontario wants to bring in even more immigrants despite having one of the highest immigrant quotas in the provinces. Ontario’s workforce Minister Monte McNaughton recently proposed to quadruple the number of immigrants permitted under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme (OINP) from 9,000 to 18,000 people to aid the province’s workforce shortfall.

The Ontario Human Capital Priorities stream is a wonderful choice for people who reside elsewhere in Canada. This stream prioritizes qualified candidates who can fill skilled employment vacancies throughout the province.

The federal Express Entry system is also used by the Human Capital Priorities. A current Express Entry profile featuring a CRS score of 400 points or above is required for prospective applicants. Ontario examines all Express Entry profiles and selects a subset to send invitations to submit applications to the PNP. These invitations are often based on a set of NOC codes and a specific CRS range.

A total of 3,513 applicants were nominated by Ontario in 2021 for their Human Capital Priorities stream. About half of these nominees received invitations through OINP’s specialized tech draw. For French-Speaking Skilled Workers that have profiles in the Express Entry pool, Ontario additionally has a PNP route.

4. Nova Scotia’s Labor Market Priorities Stream

The province of Nova Scotia is situated on the Atlantic Ocean’s eastern boundary of Canada. The province is a dream location for many potential newcomers due to its proximity to the seaside, affordable expenses for living, and comfortable lifestyle.

The Express Entry pool also chooses candidates directly under Nova Scotia’s Labour Market Priorities. This stream is considered one of the simpler PNPs for international candidates to receive PR because it frequently attracts profiles without a link to the province.

Before it’s admission rounds, Nova Scotia does not disclose the industries or selection criteria it would be using, but it frequently invites applicants without any ties to the province. Candidates must express interest in Nova Scotia and have a current Express Entry profile.

Candidates invited by Nova Scotia may apply for the potential to obtain a provincial nomination. Successful candidates gain an additional 600 points toward their CRS score because the stream also uses the Express Entry mechanism. With these extra points, receiving a Request to Apply (ITA) in a federal Express Entry draw is almost guaranteed.

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