5 Common Express Entry Mistakes and Their Solutions

5 Common Express Entry Mistakes and Their Solutions

Express entry is one of the popular ways to get permanent residency in Canada for those seeking a successful life. The good news is the Canadian government aims to provide express entry to immigrants through economic routes. However, when it comes to express visa entry, many candidates face rejections for many reasons. Some of the common mistakes made by the applicants while applying for express entry visas with solutions are given below. Let’s check it out.

1. Misrepresentation

To begin with, misrepresentation is one of the common immigration offenses. Your application will be rejected if you don’t mention your details correctly. Chances are there; you might be unable to apply for years after refusal.


Be honest when adding details to the application. Do not hide anything regarding criminality issues and medical issues. Remember, not all forms of medical problems are prohibited by Canadian immigration. If you are unsure what type of medical problems and criminal records are banned, visit us for the right guidance. We help you clear all your doubts about misrepresentation.

2. Employment Reference Letter Without Experience

Most candidates think an employment reference letter document might be from a previous boss with outlined skills that show why an employer hires them. It might be excellent for professional career building, but it doesn’t work when you apply for Express entry.

The reference letters for express entry must have the following:

● Your current or previous job title

● The date of joining and closing of employment

● Your salary

● Average working hours per week

● A detailed list of duties and responsibilities.


Submit any necessary documentation to meet the aforementioned criteria. If a formal reference letter, for instance, omits to mention your income, include paystubs. Another example will be to obtain a sworn statement of your daily chores from a supervisor or coworker if your job documentation is missing occupation duties. It should be noted that the visa officer’s final judgment on your job-related documentation is at their discretion, but the more proof you can present, the better.

3. Waiting Too Long To Submit Application

Candidates with qualified applications must submit them on time or as soon as possible. Remember provincial nominee programs may change frequently, and categories for the provincial nominee program also close and open sooner. You will miss the Express Entry opportunity if you miss submitting an application on time.


Submit your application when you become eligible for Express entry in Canada.

4. Having Less Than One-Year Job Experience in Primary NOC Code

A major NOC code that indicates that you possess fewer than a year of uninterrupted full-time employment (30 hours/week) or that doesn’t fall within TEER category 0, 1, 2, or 3 will immediately deny your Express Entry application.


Only use a primary NOC code to substantiate that you’ve obtained a minimum of one year of specialized, full-time job experience within the last 10 years. You must also be informed that your main NOC code will not affect your ability to get jobs in Canada. You are allowed to work in any profession or industry you choose once you are a legal citizen of Canada.

5. Unable to Prove Intention to Reside Outside of Quebec

You should preferably register for a Quebec immigration program if you are already living or employed in Quebec and intend to continue doing so once your immigration petition has been approved. Nevertheless, just because you reside in Quebec does not exclude you from applying to the Express Entry program. Both federal and Quebec immigration petitions result in the same thing: permanent residence in Canada. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees you, as a legal resident of Canada, the right to stay and work in any part of the country.


Even though you could currently be employed or residing in Quebec, you must show the visa officer that you will relocate outside of Quebec when your Express Entry application is approved. A sworn statement of your intention to stay elsewhere in Quebec should be included in your application, albeit this proof might take many different forms.


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Get Jobs in Australia While Studying From Top Websites

A student’s biggest hurdle while studying in Australia is getting a good job to meet expenses. Getting an excellent job in Australia while studying not only helps to meet expenses but is also helpful to gain expertise. By that time, students will have the skills to work in a professional environment.

You can have an outstanding start to a career with a good job. Also, you’ll be able to develop a network of professional workers, companies, and more in Australia. However, getting a high-scale job in Australia can sometimes be challenging. You must have a Subclass 500 visa to get a work permit. Read below to know more about how to get a study work visa.

Know about Study Work Regulation in Australia

International students in Australia can work 48 hours every two weeks during the study period. However, during vacations, students have the authority to work unlimited hours or full time, such as Easter, Christmas, and summer holidays. Students are eligible to work more than 40 hours if they meet the following requirements. 

● Studies don’t impact because of jobs.

● You are not able to work with Australian citizens.

● You can work for a non-profit organization with no cash payments

Top Most Job Portals to Get Best Jobs in Australia

For skilled employees who aren’t sponsored by family members, employers, or a territorial or state legislature, the latter (subclass 189) is valid. If you are looking for the best jobs in Australia, you can use these portals to search for the best jobs. 




Additionally, you can locate job listings in regional and local publications, including the Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald,  and Telegraph. A tax file number is required if you plan to work in Australia. In newspapers as well as on online job boards, you can find job postings for a variety of positions. You must have a CV and cover letter to apply for employment here. Finding a job in Australia often involves going to interviews. They could be casual or formal conversations with various business professionals or more formal conversations with senior management.

What are The Important Documents Needed to Get a Job?

Here are some key documents needed to get a successful job in Australia.

● A TFN (Tax File Number) issued by the Australian Tax Office for registering a bank account, employment in Australia, etc.

● When tax returns are filed, tax refunds are received. Tax returns that are related to your TFN should be filed.

● You can apply for TFN online if you hold a fully valid Subclass 500 student visa with employment permissions.

● Depending on your qualifications, you will need the Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Student Visa to assist you in getting work experience in Australia, lasting a maximum of 18 or 48 months. Choose any job kind and as many hours to work alongside it.

● The Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa has the Graduate-Level Work Stream and the Post-Study Professional Stream. The latter, however, is not open to international students enrolled in ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) courses.

● You must provide proof of your eligibility to work legitimately in Australia. This may be a passport from Australia, proof of permanent residency, a birth certificate from Australia, or a declaration of Australian citizenship. 

Some Top Programs That Help to Build a Successful Career in Australia

Some of the popular course program available to build a successful career in Australia is as follows:

● Biomedical engineering

● Earth sciences

● Business management

● Computer application

● Business administration

● Computer Science with Information Technology

● Psychology

● Core Engineering

● Tourism

● Hospitality management

● Business data analyst 

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Types of Visa in Australia You Should Know About

Do you know Australia has opened a gateway for visa applications? Tourists and students can both apply for Australian visas. Whether you are a skilled immigrant looking for a job or a student who wants to study in Australia, an individual can apply for a different type of visa to get entry into Australia. If you don’t know what type of visa you can apply to enter Australia, here are the details.

1. Study and Training Visas (Subclass 500)

The visa has been designed for students who want to pursue their studies in Australia at the best universities. Students’ subclass 500 visa allows students to stay in Australia until course completion. The visa can be for five years or even more, depending on the duration of the course. Student visas also allow part-time work to meet personal expenses in Australia.

Students have to register for different university courses to get a visa. Apart from this, students do need to meet all the requirements, such as health insurance. Moreover, a student doesn’t have any criminal record and has funds to support education.

With this visa, students can work 40-48 hours every week. The work hour limit has been increased for students from 1 July 2023. Now students can work for 48 hours a fortnight. Students can also include a spouse or family member in their visa applications.

However, if you don’t know how to apply for a visa, we can help you. We bring experienced immigration consultants in Chandigarh to help students in getting their visas successfully. Our team provides you customized recommendations to provide you with the best solution that meets your requirements.

2. Visitor Visa Subclass 600

Visitor visa subclass 600 has been designed for tourists to visit Australia for a short time. Tourists can apply for visitor visas for tourism and business purposes. Visitors can stay here for up to 12 months and a minimum period of 3 months. Visitors can apply for visas online and also walk. To apply for a visitor’s visa, subclass 600 travelers must have enough funds to support their tourism and a valid passport and should not have any criminal convictions.

3. Family and Spouse Visas Subclass 820/801

People in committed relationships with Australian citizens or permanent residents are eligible for the Partner visa. While processing your partner’s visa request is underway, this visa enables you to stay and work in Australia. You are eligible for permanent residency after your partner’s visa has been approved.

A real and ongoing connection with an Australian citizen or permanent resident is a criterion for a partner visa, as are additional conditions, including sharing a residence for at least a year and passing character and health examinations.

4. Work or Skilled Visa (Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass 188)

Work visa has been designed for people who want to do business in Australia. The skilled visa allows visitors to stay in Australia for up to a year. After that, students can also apply for a permanent residency visa in Australia.

The Business Development stream, the Private Equity stream, and the Substantial Investor stream are only a few of the streams available under this visa.

You must have a flourishing business career, possess a minimum net worth, and fulfill additional requirements, including maintaining a successful company history and completing health and integrity checks, to qualify for a Business Innovation and Investment visa.

5. Humanitarian and Refugee Visas (Subclass 200, 201, 203, and 204)

This visa is intended for individuals who need shelter in Australia due to intimidation, war, or violence in their country of origin. You can live permanently in Australia with this visa, which has the potential to grant you Australian citizenship. A refugee and compassionate visa are free of charge.

You must be away from your country of origin, be unwilling to return there, and meet additional requirements, including passing health and personality checks, to qualify for a refugee and humanitarian visa.

Bottom Line

So, these are different types of visas for visitors and students. Each visa has its significance and requirements. Therefore, choosing the right type of visa is crucial according to your requirement. If you need consultation for the visa services, we can assist you.

Career Overseas is the v. We have a team of top visa consultants who guide you in choosing the right visa. Contact us today for a free consultation.