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Australia Study Visa-Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning to study in Australia? Don’t know what is the right pathway to choose from? Can I study in Australia without IELTS? If you’ve questions, we’re here to guide you. It is not surprising that Australia is a popular destination for overseas students. Every year thousands of students migrate to Australia to build a successful career. This is the home to the world’s top universities in the world. Moreover, university degrees are accepted worldwide.

Besides this, being an English-speaking country, students have a plethora of course options to choose from. The good news is that Australian universities allow two intakes every year for international students. The first intake will be in February and the second in July. On the other hand, some universities also accept November intake. Students who want to study here must apply for an Australia study visa. And as the best immigration consultant, we are here to provide all information. So, let’s have a look.

About Australia Student Visa

International students must apply for an Australian student visa subclass 500 to students in Australian universities. This temporary visa is offered to international students to study in universities in Australia for up to 5 years. The visa also allows part-time work during studies to meet students’ expenses. Once the study has been completed, students can apply for a post-study work visa, which may vary from 18 months to six years.

Can I Study in Australia Without IELTS?

Students applying for a study visa in Australia must pass IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE exams. However, students studying English courses in their academic institutes for three years can apply for a study visa without IELTS. But students must provide certificates from their academic institutions where they learn English.

What Are The Documents Required For Australia Student Visa?

As the leading Immigration consultant in Chandigarh, we know many students fail to meet the requirements of an Australian study visa. Thus, to help you strengthen your application, here are all the key documents you need to prepare before applying for a study visa.

● A valid passport

● Australian University’s enrolment proof

● Visa application fee receipt

● LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

● SOP (Statement of Purpose)

● Academic Transcript (10th, 12th and graduation degree)

● Genuine Temporary Entrant statement

● Work experience certification

● Evidence of English proficiency skills

● Passport sized photos

● Health insurance policy details.

What Is the Process for Applying For an Australian Student Study Visa?

Australia’s visa processing time is at least 8-10 weeks. Before proceeding, ensure you prepare all the above documents for visa application. Students can also apply for subclass 500 visas online. To get the fastest approval, start proceeding with your visa application as soon as your enrollment confirmation from the selected university. The application process is as follows:

● The students must complete an online visa application form and upload all necessary supporting documentation.

● Students must pay the visa application payment, approximately 650 AUD, when applying for a visa. This cost cannot be refunded even if your visa application is denied.

● A Transaction Reference Number (TRN) will be sent to the students after submitting their visa applications. International students have access to all the latest developments regarding their passports through TRN.

● Students must create a HAP ID after completing an application for the medical examination. Students must go to the approved medical facility for Australian immigration for physicals.

● The Australian embassy will get the results of the health examinations directly. After that, the student’s profile will be evaluated.

● The embassy will undoubtedly approve the visa if the student’s profile is accurate. They will inform you in writing of their choice. For reference purposes, they will also provide information on your visa granting number, date of expiration, and restrictions.

Best Tips to Get Visa Approval

For students who want 100% surety of visa approval, here are the tips that will help you.

● Make sure to submit authentic academic documentation, and your profile needs to be compelling.

● The likelihood of obtaining a visa increases if you enroll in a course related to your prior academic specialty.

● Concentrate on your statement of purpose (SOP), a crucial component of your immigration application. Students must explain why they choose that specific course and university in their SOP. They have also contrasted Australia’s educational system with their nation.

● One must maintain good health because an Australian visa application process requirement is a medical examination.

● You must be persistent with your replies when attending a visa interview. Your response must also be supported by the papers you submit.

Get Advice from the Best

An Australian student study visa is an excellent way to be successful in your career. If you need help with visa processing or have queries, contact us. Career Overseas is the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh who provides truthful guidance with complete transparency. 

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