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New Opportunities for Skilled Federal Workers to Migrate in Canada

Canada recently has a high demand for skilled workers. However, the Canadian government has very strict policies regarding allowing immigrants to migrate to Canada. Sometimes, deserving candidates don’t get an opportunity because they do not meet the eligibility criteria.

At the same time, many students are unaware of different programs and how to meet the government’s eligibility criteria to get entry. To help you find the right opportunity, we, as the leading immigration consultant in Chandigarh, provide you with complete information about different programs. So, let’s get started.

About Canadian Immigration Program

The Canadian government runs around 80+ immigration programs for overseas individuals to settle in Canada. Both temporary and permanent Canadian Immigration categories are available to apply for jobs. As a resident of Canada, you can access healthcare policies and other job benefits. Some of the best immigration programs are as follows:

Federal Skilled Worker Program  : This is a flagship program with which you can easily immigrate to Canada. More than ten thousand people every year migrate to Canada under this program. The FSWP is for skilled immigrants who want to get successful jobs in Canada for a long time. Moreover, candidates can also apply with their partner or spouse and children.

For eligibility, candidates have to apply under the Express Entry system. You have to score a minimum of 67 points out of 100. These points will be calculated according to numerous factors such as work experience, age, education, adaptability, language skills, etc.

Other requirements, according to the immigration consultant in Chandigarh, are as follows:

1. Candidates must be proficient in two Canadian Federal languages, French and English. 

2. Applicants must have international or Canadian education credentials with Education Credential Assessment.

3. Candidates must have a minimum of one year of experience in their profession.

Immigration Programs under Express Entry System

If you want to enter Canada on a job basis you can apply under this Express Entry system.

1. Federal skilled workers programs

2. Federal skilled trades program

3. Provincial Nominee Program 

4. Canadian experience class

If you want to enter into the Express entry pool, we are here to guide you. 

Documents Required for Federal Skilled Worker Program

If you want to apply for the Federal skilled worker program, here are some basic documents you need as per the immigration consultant in Chandigarh.

1. General application form of the primary applicant.

2. Recent color photographs

3. Form attested by the spouse and other dependents.

4. Valid passport

5. Identity proof

6. Language skills results

7. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report

8. Proof of fund

9. Police clearance certificate

10. Medical certificate

11. Documents that support the spouse and other dependents.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC): According to an immigration consultant in Chandigarh, applicants can also apply for Canadian Express Class to get desired skilled jobs. This category is for skilled workers who convert temporary resident visas into permanent residency from Canada. Based on how long they stayed in Canada and how much they contributed to the country’s economy and society. To qualify for this visa, candidates must demonstrate that they have worked in Canada for at least a year.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply For CEC Category

To apply for the CEC category, individuals have to meet the given guidelines such as:

1. You must have 1 year of work experience in Canada. 

2. Professional jobs (Type A skills)

3. Managerial jobs (0 skill level)

4. Technical jobs and skilled trades (Type B Skills).

However, there is no minimum educational requirement to apply for CEC immigration. You can get degrees and diplomas from Canadian universities.

Processing Time  : The minimum processing time for the application approval is nearly six months.

Get in Touch With Us Today For the Right Guidance 

In addition to the above federal skilled program entry, candidates can apply for more programs to build a successful job career. For more updates about skilled worker entry visas, contact us. We have the best team of immigration consultants in Chandigarh. We aim to provide the right guidance and help the applicants get their visas smoother. Call us Today!

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