Who Are Good Visa And Immigration Consultants For USA?

best immigration consultants for USA

best immigration consultants for USA

If you want to find the best immigration consultants for USA then first you do some homework that what things is to be needed for USA Study visa.

We want to tell about our experience in 9 years in USA Study Visa. Most of the cases applying with IELTS and 12th pass. But the success rate is low as compared to graduate people. Who is going there for post graduation with TOEFL/GRE/7 BAND in IELTS? And all student have a face to face interview at the USA Embassy in India. They have to show to visa officer that you are a genuine student. Serious about your studies and future goals in the USA.

Your Efforts To You Visa Approval:-

You have to elaborate with confidence all the details of your college/ university/course/city to the visa officer. If you want a visitor visa for the USA then you have to show your financials, purpose of visit, with crystal clear thoughts to the visa officer face to face. In most cases, people are getting visa above the age of 30 years with a good travel history from another country.

The main things the visa officer wants to know about your study/tourist/stay in the USA with a clear purpose. The second one for Australia/Canada study visa, student have to do IELTS score with 6 BANDS and 60 percentile in their studies with one or two-year gap. Then VISA chances are very good in Australia/Canada. If any consultant giving you the same details about Canada/Australia/Study Visa.

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