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Australia Authorizations Changes Students Visa Rules from July 1, On-Study and Post-Work Restrictions To Be Continued

No Time? Here’s a Quick View:

  • From July 1, 2023, overseas students studying in Australia can work only 48 hours per fortnight.
  • Extended post-study work rights are only available to international students with graduate degrees in labor skills.
  • Eligibility criteria have been changed.

Australian immigration authorities have announced international student visa policies. The new rules include capping working hours for overseas studies from 40-48 hours. The Australian Home Ministry has released new rules for students visa that will come into effect from July 2023. They further made a statement regarding the extension of post-study stay for visa-holding students. The policies come into effect soon, and students who want to apply for Australian intake look at the rules and work rights of students in Australia.

Caps Will Come into Effect on Working While Studying

According to the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh, caps have been introduced. First, the policy has removed the working hours limit for international students by July 2023. Now, students can work only for 48 hours each every week. This is slightly higher than the previous working hours allowance, which is only 40 hours.

Introducing the cap aims to strike a balance between study engagement and providing students the opportunity to gain work experience in their respective fields. The introduction of caps also helps to meet the financial requirement of students in Australia. Now, both fresher and already enrolled students can work 48 hours per fortnight in Australia after the beginning of the cap in July.

“At the moment, the majority of students work an endless amount of hours to pay for their education and cover Australia’s soaring living costs. Many students who only have enough money for the first semester when they arrive in Australia and who depend on onshore jobs to pay their tuition for the rest of their degrees would be unable to make ends meet if the limit of 24 hours a week were implemented”.

Many students have been feeling relief from the return of the capping system on working hours for international students.

Certain Degrees Get Extra Two Years of Post-Study Work Rights

In addition to the reintroduction of Cap, the Australian government also announced that certain degree holders are eligible for extra two years of work visa right after the beginning of Cap. The degrees that are tied to specific areas of skills shortage in Australia will provide:

  • Bachelor’s degrees with 4 hours year post-study work visa rights
  • Master degrees with 5 years of post-study work visa rights

However, the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh says more degrees are included for international students with 4-5 years of post-study work visa right. The priority areas will include engineering, teaching, health, and agriculture. So, if a student holds a degree not on the given list, the post-study work visa will be for two years for students holding bachelor’s degrees and three years for master’s degree holders.

Moreover, doctoral graduates will be granted up to 6 years of post-work visa limit. Recently the education minister Jason Clare also made a statement that:

“Businesses, particularly in the areas, are clamoring for competent labor. According to the OECD, we possess the second-highest skills shortfall among developed nations. Skills gaps are everywhere. We instruct and hone these knowledgeable individuals. This will enable them to work for longer and contribute to addressing some of the ongoing talent shortages we currently face by using the skills they have acquired in Australia. The policy will not only provide Australia with the expertise and credentials it needs, but it will also increase Australia’s appeal as a place to study, aiding in the resurgence of the global education market and increasing revenue from Australia’s education exports”.

The Home Affairs Minister Clare O “Neil also added in the statement:

We all benefit when students who study in Australia can stay longer and contribute to the nation’s economy. We are searching for methods to deploy skilled migrants through improved training and more focused, less exploitative schemes for temporary visa employees and learners after a decade wasted on immigration and abilities. As we work to wrap up the migration review and keep going to fix our flawed immigration and skills systems, all of this work is being done.

Eligibility Details for Students

“The two-year extension will be considered for eligible graduates with a valid provisional graduate visa as of July 1, 2023, or who seek one after that date.

Students from the beginning of July 2023 may apply for a continuation of their work authorization by attending COVID-19 Pandemic event-endorsed Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) events. To know more about eligibility criteria, contact the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh.

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