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Student Visa / United States

USA is a Federal Republic. It consists of 50 states & a federal district. The USA is 3rd largest country by land area & population. The capital of USA is Washington DC. Other important cities include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago etc.
The economy of USA is the world largest single national economy and boasts of abundant natural resources. It is the 3rd largest producer of oil and the 2nd largest producer of natural gas. Its 5 largest trading partners are Canada, China, Japan, Mexico & Germany.

Benefits of Studying in United States
:- Top Institutions
:- State of art facilities
:- Never Ending Choices
:- Flexibility and Freedom
:- Part Time Work Oppurtunities
:- Financial Assistance
:- Campus Diversity and Support Services

Education System

In USA , there are The IVY League , Public universities , Private Universities , Technical institutes & Community Colleges . The USA follows the Grading System to judge the students performance

In USA the hierarchy of education system is as follow :
:- Primary Education : From 1st -- 6th
:- Secondary Education : From 7th -- 12th
:- Bachelor's Degree : 4 years ( Optional : 2 years associate degree at community college + 2 more years of under grads program at a four year college or university )
:- Master's Degree : 1-2 years
:- PhD : 4-5 Years

The US Universities generally have 4 intakes :
:- Spring : Jan/Feb
:- Fall : Aug/Sep
:- Summer : April/May
:- Winter : December