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Tourist Visa

Through our partnerships with leading service providers, we can take care of all your travel needs including air ticketing, foreign exchange and travel insurance. Clients can avail Tourist Visa in very short period of time using our expertise. These are usually granted for up to six months. These are also known as travel visa, or visit visa. Holders of these, should not indulge in form of employment during their stay in India and cannot extend their stay. India also provides the facility of a transit visa, which permits applicants to transfer through India for a period of up to fifteen days en route to another, final destination.
Many in procedure to get the visa formalities done shall call you to the embassy premises (of the country you want to travel) for an interview. There are possibilities that even after a long process, you may have to convince the visa officer about the reason of your visit to the native country and the authentication of the fact that you will return within the allotted time period.
But Career Overseas provides you with easy and comprehensible Visitor visa application process. Where you are not at all pressurized by lunatic Q/A's thrown by visa officer. You are just required to clear the medical examination for your entry in that country. That is done to ensure that you are not suffering from any serious medical problem or any threatening ailment which may endanger their people.
Through our vast experience and travel history we have understood that international destination is really unpredictable in-terms of, Travel, Food, Transportation therefore you need someone who is really experienced.