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Student Visa / New Zealand

New Zealand is an Island Country in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. New Zealand has a Unique & Dynamic Culture. The Climatic conditions of New Zealand are generally cold. Mostly summers are 20-30 degrees and Winter are 10-15 degrees C. The Capital of New Zealand is Wellington. Other important cities include Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin.
New Zealand ranked 4th most prosperous country in the Asia Pacific Region. It has a main focused on small manufacturing and high tech sectors.

Benefits of Studying in New Zealand
:- Top Institutions
:- State of art facilities
:- Affordable Courses and Living
:- Very Safe country
:- Job Opportunities during and after education
:- Spousal Work Permits

Education System
In New Zealand there are 8 universities and 19 institutions which are also known as ITP's (Polytechnics). The difference between Universities and Polytechnics is that:
:- The Universities offers the academic programs and ITP's offers the specialized courses.
:- The Polytechnics are comparatively less expensive than the Universities.
:- Universities are more theoretical whereas Polytechnics are industry based.
:- Both have the same value for Job Placements.

In New Zealand the Education System is followed by the levels. These levels are classified as :
:- Level 5 to 6 : Diplomas (Class 12th)
:- Level 7 : UG and Graduate Diploma (Bachelor's)
:- Level 8 : Post Graduate Diploma (Bachelor's)
:- Level 9 : Masters
:- Level 10 : PhD